Protecting Ideas and Innovation

IP Owners

Monument Bank of Intellectual Property offers a reasonable return on a company’s IP as well as participation in the upside of an operating company as an attractive alternative to more traditional monetization efforts, such as licensing campaigns. For certain large corporations, the Bank’s advantages are even more apparent, offering an opportunity for significant return for by repurposing underutilized assets while avoiding the “privateering” label often associated with licensing campaigns and “patent wars” with competitors.

Growth Companies

Monument Bank of Intellectual Property offers a ready source of IP that is strategically aligned and professionally matched with the company’s business. Through its relationship with Dominion Harbor Group, which has agreed to offer its unparalleled expertise and experience to the Bank’s clients, those clients are assured that their IP position is not only improved by the infusion of third party IP, but also by the highest quality internally developed and strategically prosecuted IP.

IP Network

Monument Bank of Intellectual Property acquires its assets from a variety of different sources in a variety of markets. The sources include large corporations as well as individual inventors, universities and IP brokers. Monument Bank of Intellectual Property identifies the best possible companies in which to invest its assets through relationships with venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators, universities, as well as commercialization and specialized IP matchmaking partners.

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