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Please complete the form to the right– we will not be able to evaluate incomplete forms. In the “Brief Description of the Invention” box, be sure to include the relevant patent number(s). Feel free to provide us with any other information you feel is relevant in the box labeled “Additional Information We Should Know” and if you have a patent list available, please attach it using the button provided. Understand that you are not bound in any way by this submission, nor must you provide a valuation of your patent or patents at this point (in fact, we encourage you not to), nor are you agreeing to any period of exclusivity. This is simply an exchange of information designed to lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, not a one-sided attempt to obtain your IP under non-negotiable terms and pricing.

What We Will Do

We will review your submission and contact you with the results. If your submission is determined to be a good candidate for inclusion in the Bank of Intellectual Property, we will notify you of such and invite you to negotiate with us the terms under which we will acquire your intellectual property for inclusion in the Bank. If those negotiations do not result in a fully executed agreement, neither you nor the Bank will have any further obligations or restrictions.

We look forward to reviewing your submission!


Please click on the link below to review important information related to your submission to the Bank of Intellectual Property. We strongly encourage you to read through this information completely before proceeding with your submission. Thanks!


Welcome to the Bank of Intellectual Property

This unique collection of high-value patents and related applications has been curated by a team of patent experts unmatched in the industry. Our bank exists to provide value both to the innovators whose genius and creativity lie behind the assets within and those who seek to stand on their shoulders to bring further innovations to market. We strongly encourage you to submit your patents through this portal for review and potential inclusion in this proprietary and revenue-generating storehouse.


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